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Interview Management

Conduct interviews on the fly with My Interview. Combine the reporting, recording, note-taking, and portability of your iPad to create the perfect interview tool. This eco-friendly app (no more paper!) allows the creation of a questionnaire that can be used with multiple interviewees to save time. Easily preview the five free sample questionnaires provided to get started in a flash.


MyInterview collects data as you conduct interviews. Compare and contrasts data from as many interviewees as you like. View entire interviews or specific questions and conveniently print the interview results when finished. You can even review and share interview results with others – let you boss know how the interview went, or share the stats with your colleagues.

Export & Report

After you have finished your interview, quickly export the data into an email for a beautiful and professional finish and create in-depth reports. Go green by reviewing answers and results on your iPad, phone or computer (no paper!). Chart and graphs compare and contrast interviewees or anyone who took a particular questionnaire. You can even choose to print your beautiful graphs and charts to wow your friends and colleagues.


Quickly find any interview or questionnaire with the App’s powerful search bar. Find interviews, question templates, and interviewees in an instant. Other time savers include the sort feature, which allows sorting by date or time.


Take notes during or after the interview with the Notes feature. Or simply record the audio of your interview to ensure nothing gets lost. Record the audio of the entire interview or only specific questions, then play the entire interview back or choose questions one by one. The app will even track your interview location so you can view a map showing where the interview was conducted!


  • Time your interviews with the stopwatch.
  • Use the pre-loaded question templates to conduct an interview in an instant.
  • Create open-ended or multiple-choice style questions.
  • Sync My Interview with the IPad’s contact database.
  • Contextuel help menu
  • Social sharing – share the app with friends and colleagues via Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Organize yourself and become an efficient interviewing machine with My Interview.

More templates are on the way to inspire and make life easier!

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