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The MyInterview iPad app was created with one goal in mind… simplifying the interview process. This app does this by providing an interface that makes creating, conducting, and managing many interviews easy.

MyInterview Features

  • 5 Free Question Templates to get you started with real questions for real interviews
    • Software Developer Position
    • Web Designer Job
    • Questions for an Accountant
    • HR Interview Template
    • Babysitter Interview Questions
  • Record the audio from interviews with the tap of a button
  • Take notes while interviewing
  • Pull contacts on your iPad into the app
  • Time Your Interviews
  • Allows Open-Ended and Multiple Choice Answers
  • One questionnaire can be used for many interviews
  • Go green with a paperless solution
  • Share interview data easily by emailing reports from the app
  • Beautiful reporting and stats with charts and graphs to make your data pop
  • Get organized and look like the pro you are – become an interviewing machine!

All this for only $9.99 $4,99 for a LIMITED TIME!

Who Uses MyInterview?

Journalists will find the MyInterview app perfect for conducting in depth and explorative interviews. The app allows for endless templates, so being prepared for an ad hoc interview is no problem. Simply pull up a template and start the process. The audio recording feature allows every piece of information to be documented.

HR Professionals
MyInterview takes the paperwork and document trail of daily interviews and wraps it up in a neatly packaged iPad application that makes interviewing recruits a snap. Question templates can be created for each job beforehand and reused when a candidate arrives. Reports can be saved and exported to provide accurate stats on the candidate answers.

Medical Specialists
Medicine has changed. With technology has come a wealth of information that can help the patient. It has also created the need for more robust ways to gather and analyze that data. MyInterview puts the power of information in the hands of medical professionals. Symptoms can be recorded, track meals, post surgery interviews, etc.

MyInterview is a comprehensive interview management application for the iPad that allows users to create, conduct and review interviews. Informational meetings and interviews with potential clients are integral in offering them a service tailored to their needs. With MyInterview, you can create questionnaire templates that can be reused. Questions can even be in multiple-choice form with audio or picture options. The app can record audio during a meeting and makes note taking a breeze. Interview results can be sorted by client, question, or questionnaire. You can view answers from different clients as statistical reports and quickly decide what type of product would be optimal for them to buy and you to sell. MyInterview allows salespeople looking to better service the needs of their clients an all-in-one tool to do so.

Other Fields…

  • Legal
  • Education
  • Government
  • Sales
  • Software
  • Engineers

Start Simplifying Your Interviews Now!
Start simplifying the interview process today. Interviewing doesn’t have to require hours of planning and digging through notes afterward. Organize the preparation, interview, and post-interview process with the MyInterview app. We provide useful question templates to get you started, audio recording, advanced reporting features with the premium version, and a beautifully clean app that makes navigating your saved interviews easy.

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